Creating an identity for your business that becomes memorable

We focus on understanding your business by gathering as much information as we possibly can. Researching, designing and implementing various design processes along the way to achieve a brand that customers will remember and absorb into their memory.

Business Analysis

By gathering as much information as we possibly can means our creative designers can set the foundaions for a great brand.

Create a Meaning

We believe that every brand has a meaning behind it. Meaning creates substance and depth within a brand.

Develop Your Brand

Once the foundations are set and a strong and clear message builds that desirable creative story we can focus on delivery.

Delivering a Great Brand

Having everything in place we can plan to spread the word and get your brand out into the real world.


Ripon based orchestra came to us with a rebranding project for not just 1 but 2 logos. The brief was to design a main logo for the orchestra and another similar logo for their childrens outreach programme. This aloud our designers to get creative and think carefully about the two logos and how they relate.
St Cecilia Orchestra

Main Orchestra logo

We explored the way orchestras work and the movements a conductor makes during a concert and the results were clear. Fluid, smooth flowing actions can be transfered into lines that represent these movements. Therefore, we used a font which almost portrayed sound waves and used a graphical element to create movement.

Children's Outreach programme logo

Having the main orchestra logo as the foundation the outreach programme logo was developed further. We explored various logos as you can see below however, the main idea was to create a logo which had colour and stood out to a younger generation.

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